– What Is A Hydraulic Control Valve:
In your hydraulic system, the flow of oil is controlled by Hydraulic Control Valves. These valves control the direction of the oil flow, the pressure your system is maintained at and the smooth function of your hydraulic system. Their importance cannot be overstated. Without proper hydraulic valves, which include directional control valves, hydraulic pressure relief valves, hydraulic relief valves and hydraulic check valves, your system could be headed for disaster.

As part of your hydraulic system, these valves are referred to as components and are divided into three main categories:

This includes check valves, directional spool valves and directional poppet valves

There are two main types of pressure control valves, variable throttle and fixed throttle valves. Variable throttle valves are used for control functions while fixed throttle valves are used for switching functions.

There are two main types of these valves; dependent and independent

All hydraulic systems use combinations of these types of valves. The positioning and function are determined by the hydraulic system itself. Replacing and upgrading current hydraulic control valves with Industrial modular hydraulic control valves (If purchased from no brand suppliers or valves have been served for several years ) from us will upgrade your current hydraulic valves and remove what is probably the weakest link of your hydraulic system.

Our valves are designed to industry standards and are modular. Although built to take the wear and tear of years of use in the harshest environments, we have designed our hydraulic control valves to be easily and quickly replaced if there is a problem. This simplifies maintenance concerns and saves money for your company by keeping your hydraulic system up and running.

If the hydraulic control valves need replacing, the modular design makes it a breeze. You no longer have to worry about valve replacement taking up hours of non-productive time while valves are tested and repaired before being replaced. Finotek components are designed to be easily swapped out with little loss of efficiency.

When it comes to the components in your hydraulic system, the hydraulic system function and design plan has the answers for your hydraulic valve needs. With the widespread use of hydraulics in industrial, engineering and marine projects, the last thing you want or need is for a hydraulic component to fail and cause unacceptable loss of time. Time is money and having the highest quality modular hydraulic control valves can mean the difference between successfully completing a project within time and budget hydraulic control valve set or failing on all counts.