Hydraulic solenoid valve is operated by solenoid(s) while receiving an electric signal, the solenoid(s) can be mounted on the valve sides single or double to form two directional working position and three directional working position.

The hydraulic solenoid valve is most commonly used among directional control valves, the movement of valve spool in the hydraulic solenoid valve is controlled by solenoid(s) , the different position of spool is be able to turn fluid flow on or off , switching oil flow direction, manipulate other actuators action(like reciprocation of the hydraulic cylinder, the continuous rotary motion of the hydraulic motor, the reciprocating rocking swing hydraulic motor), unloading or pressurized in the hydraulic system, achieving sequence operation between actuators and etc. The hydraulic systems and units equipped with hydraulic solenoid valves have the characteristics of high level of automation, easily manipulating hydraulic control and better appearance.

Finotek hydraulic solenoid valve is high performance in the high pressure hydraulic system, smooth spool direction change. The valves are standard installation mounting conforms to D03/05, CETOP3/5, NG6/10, WE6/10 dimensions, providing standard code of : 4WE6A, 4WE6B, 4WE6C, 4WE6D, 4WE6E, 4WE6F, 4WE6J, 4WE6H, 4WE6G, 4WE6U etc.; 4WE10A, 4WE10B, 4WE10C, 4WE10D, 4WE10E, 4WE10F, 4WE10J, 4WE10H, 4WE10G, 4WE10U etc.

Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Introduction & Testing:
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