Hydraulic check valve work as shut-off valve, most used for the hydraulic circuits where hydraulic oil fluid should flow in way, Finotek inline threaded connection, modular subplate mounted installation, cavity slip-in hydraulic check control valves in each direct or pilot operation construction providing line touch seating condition to prevent hydraulic fluid leakage in the required direction.

High hardened treatment of guide poppet in one line touch with the also hardened seats offer a reliable, mechanical ”one way check” isolated function. In additional, Finotek offers a wild size of check valve, from fraction of inch to various inches in nominal diameter, to give factory operators and oem all optional required to meet a broad component of hydraulic application requirement.

Finotek hydraulic check valves including: threaded connection check valves, pilot operated check valves, subplate connection check valves, cartridge check valves, shuttle check valve, features like excellent sealing, flexible to open or close, guaranteed no leakage in operation protect the hydraulic actuators and system key devices.
Finotek check valve range:
Valve sizes from 6mm to more than 30mm; leak free isolation in one direction; panel and threaded connection optional, various cracking pressure; different optional surface treatment coating, for special media (Like Water, emulsion, etc.)please contact us if you have specific inquiry.

Hydraulic Check Valve Introduction & Testing:
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