Hydraulic cartridge valve is a screw-in valve (thread mounting in the manifold or block.). In the present technology, Finotek is fully qualified to manufacture various cartridge valves by most accurate or exact machines and measurement.
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Common Hydraulic Cartridge Valve and Threaded For Cavity:
04 (7/16–20UNF–2B) | 07 (5/8–18UNF–2B) | 08, 38, 58, 98 (3/4–16UNF–2B) | 10, 50, 70 (7/8–14UNF–2B)
| 12, 52, 72 (1-1/16–12UN–2B) | 16, 76 (1-5/16–12UN–2B) | 20 (1-5/8–12UN–2B) | 42 (M42 x 2,0–6H)

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves Housing and Cavity:
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Hydraulic Cartridge Valves Introduction & Testing:
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Hydraulic Cartridge Solenoid Valves – Normally Open or Closed

Solenoid cartridge valves are compact valves, are used in circuits from .1 GPM to 100 GPM to provide directional control, load-holding. The combination of hydraulic solenoid cartridge valves manufactured in a variety of different sizes, allow for any circuit to be designed whether the circuit is for -industrial or mobile equipment.

  • AC:110V, 220V or DC:12V, 24V voltage
  • Detachable coil, 360 degree rotation
  • Wet-pin design solenoid, high duty operation

Hydraulic Pressure Control, Relief Cartridge Valves – Pressure Reducing, Safety, Relief

Hydraulic cartridge Pressure Relief valves are installed in hydraulic circuits, used for controlling hydraulic pressure from low to high or converse, efficient control, compact dimensions, and very cost effective for pressure relief, reducing with direct-acting or poppet construct in hydraulic circuits that are satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Pressure regulation from 0 Mpa to 40Mpa
  • Hand or tooling pressure adjustment, quick response
  • Key parts with hardened treatment and different surface coating optional

Hydraulic Cartridge Flow Valves – Flow Control, Throttling Valves

Flow cartridge valves is one of the most reliable products to limit and adjust the flow rate in hydraulic circuits, needle or poppet design for optional, it regulates the flow by the sharp edged orifices to limit the amount volume of flow passing through inlet port to outlet. There are rotary knob or hexagon socket available for regulation.

  • Size 4 to 50 as per DIN standard design
  • Screw-in cartridge installation, compact size
  • One or two direction of flow, or with isolated in the opposite direction

Hydraulic Cartridge Check Valves – One Way Flow, Isolated Valves

Hydraulic check cartridge valve using computer designing systems, equipped with hardened seats for poppet sealing, is suitable for interchangeable circuits for hydraulic units in both industrial and mobile equipment. Customized threaded or diameter optional to meets a broad spectrum specification requirements, 100% zero leakage guarantee.

  • Sizes from 4mm to 50mm
  • Key parts harden treatment, surface coating option
  • Zero leakage in one direction, several opening pressure

Excavator Valve, Cartridge Style – Main Pressure Control Valves

Excavator valve is manufactured for a various brand of excavators, as pressure control main relief valves, service relief valves, screw-in, threaded installation. Pressure adjustment available, secondary pressure control, stable operation and longer service terms.

  • Standard dimensions for original cavity
  • Imported raw materials and sealing O-rings
  • Testing of spring deformation of elasticity under higher pressure
  • 3 Surface treatment coating optional, well packed for long term stock