Hydraulic flow control valves are designed to limit or allow the fluid to go through by adjusting the throttle orifice, controlling the speed of actuators by controlling the movement and speed of cylinders. These control valves usually are used to limit the pressure for hydraulic devices, to protect hydraulic systems and components with easy adjustment. The closed and integrated design ensures no leakage.

Finotek hydraulic flow control valves designed with compact integral structure to set and control the flow values by the sharp edge of orifices mounted in the valve house, the flow values is adjusted by rotary knobs, and there is key locks available for some certain occasion (If the flow rate is not adjustment often or important to keep the present flow value etc.). The flow throttle valves is also called the flow control valve and control the flow rated by its sharp edges orifices, to limits flow rate stably by adjusted the orifice position in valve.

Finotek offers the flow control valve in subplate or cartridge mounting in hydraulic system, with standard porting pattern in DIN or ISO standard and standard or customized threaded connection (Cartridge Flow Valves), valve actuation is available by manual, hydraulics or even electro hydraulic. With manufacturing valve experience, Finotek design the flow control valve with check valve, external closure of the pressure compensator, pressure compensator stroke limiter for reducing start-up jumps optional as per different hydraulic system requirements. Please contact Finotek for your hydraulic projects or requirements.

Hydraulic Flow Control Valve Introduction & Testing:
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