Finotek Products
– Industrial hydraulic control valves and engineering valves are designed and manufactured to provide most steady hydraulic operation performance under the rigid and required working conditions. Finotek valves are equipped in most of industrial machines, engineering projects, various systems and units plays main roles or parts, being accepted by the markets across numerous industrial equipment or applications.

 Finotek brand industrial hydraulic valves are good at controlling hydraulic machine functions in difficult working environments and for many different continuous running of manufacturing and processing workings. Engineering application, industrial machine, modern mechanical control are needed the hydraulic control valve with reliable performance and longer term service life. Finotek selects most fine raw materials, devote to produce most improve performance control valves in the whole range of industrial and engineering applications. Finotek industrial valves are used in plastic injection machines, pressing machines, cutting machines, lifting machines, engineering machines, hydraulic system & units, with quality and prices to keep our customers competitive in their local market and global industry market.