Modular hydraulic valve installation is modular surface connection, the surface between valve and subplate is necessary to be checked carefully before installation, it will cause trouble if there is a leakage on the edge of the valve. –

The mounting ways for modular hydraulic valveinstallation is the element have inline connection, modular connection, sandwich connection and cartridge types, these different mounting ways needs to know each mounting methods and related requirements. The modular type design makes hydraulic valves houses to be a standard rectangle figure, some hydraulic flow control valves (As: Z2FS) and hydraulic check valves(As: Z2S) can be mounted under directional control hydraulic valves for controlling pressure and flow rate, which is eliminating the connecting pipe between each valves.Modular-Hydraulic-Valve-Installation-Tips

If a hydraulic machine equipped with modular hydraulic valve as a main power controller, the machine hydraulic control system becomes more centralized, compact, flexible assembly, to facilitate the improvement of the oil piping. But the modular hydraulic valves are heavy for transportation, therefore, it is important to check and confirm the modular hydraulic control valves package condition, to see whether the valve box or carton broken.

All of Finotek modular hydraulic control valves have been quality inspection and characteristic testing procedure before the goods leaving for our clients. Our WE series directional control hydraulic valve, for example, service ports of (4 ports for we6 series, 5 ports for we10) have been covered by a plastic plate in order to protect the service ports being damaging during the transportation. It is necessary to check the plastic plate position whether it is good appearance, then please check the valves service ports and seal O-rings, if there is a gap around the service ports or missing O-rings, please contact us immediately if the above occasion happen.

It is a good habit to confirm the manifolds connection ports with valves, since we found some manifold blocks are not standard produced and makes hydraulic directional control valves pretty hard to mounted on it, if insist on assembling the valve, this is not a good condition for the hydraulic valves operation. It may lead oil leakage during the working of hydraulic system (See the photo attached), lowering the main pressure, plastic products (For plastic injection machines) may not like the original one caused by the low pressure.