Hydraulic Control valves are an essential part of hydraulic systems. They are used to control the pressure, temperature, and liquid level in hydraulic systems. This is achieved through the signals received, which direct the control valves to partial or fully open in order to control the different conditions. Smooth running of these valves ensure that the hydraulic system runs effectively.

– Types of Control Valves-

The function of the control valves is to operate the direction, flow, and pressure of the liquid used in hydraulic system and this is achieved through a variety of valves. The main types of hydraulic control valves that ensure smooth running are:

Directional control valves: to control the direction of the liquid, this category further consists of two types of valves, which are directional poppet valves, and directional spool valves.

Pressure control valves: two types of pressure control valves that are used to control the pressure of the liquid are variable throttle valves and fixed throttle valves. The purpose of the variable throttle valves is to control the functions, while fixed throttle valves are used to switch the functions.

Flow control valves: flow control valves will direct the right flow of the liquid that is required to pass through the system. The two types of flow control valves are dependant and independent.

– Maintenance Tips for Control Valves-

In order to maintain efficiency of the control valves and ensure that they run smoothly, you must keep a regular check. Your own carelessness can cause them severe damage. Keep in mind the following tips to avoid any problems:

If you find that the spare parts of the main valve are damaged then check to see if the o-ring or membrane is damaged. Avoid further sub dividing the spare parts if the damage does not lie there and consult a specialist for the job. However, if you find that either of the two are damaged you can replace it with a new part.

Always make sure that you conduct a routine check on all the hydraulic parts to ensure that nothing is damaged. Regular checks will also reveal possible problems before they cause a bigger damage. Keep spare hands in stock for quick replacement and only purchase hydraulic valves of high quality from a trusted manufacturer.

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