We sell many of our valves to plastic injection machine manufacturers, since here is injection molding machines center in China, no wonder, there are so many hydraulic components factories in our area. Our experience in equipment injection machines established from year to year, help our customers’ machine much competitive in the market.   –finotek.com

The hydraulic system and adjustment system in plastic injection machinery is generally called hydraulic control systems. the hydraulic control system features of stability, reliability, repeatability precision, sensitivity, energy efficiency and low noise performance will affect the quality of plastic goods, goods dimensions precision, molding cycle times, cost of production, even affects working surroundings, safety system operation and system maintenance.

The future development direction of plastic injection modeling machinery is high stability, high sensitive, no noise, energy savings, proportion control and closed-loop servo control. The model hydraulic valves or other actuators are often used in the first application combination of machinery, electric and hydraulic, the three main systems.

The Features In Plastic Injection Machines:
– The hydraulic control systems must works as per the presetting processing, it have more strict control systems than other hydraulic machinery.

– Working duty cycle of hydraulic systems in machine must be set according to plastic injection technology processing.
– The valves in hydraulic system controls each actuator by prescribed procedures as per hydraulic pressure and flow rate, therefore, it is necessary to realize the valve function and its relationship with injection modeling machines. We will add more articles about the information in the future, please keep our web address in your web favorites.
Maintain Hydraulic System In Plastic Injection Machines:
The most important is to check the reservoir in injection machines, if there is enough hydraulic oil in the tank. The systems temperature will rise sharply if lack of storage oil inside the tank, the abnormal high temperature will damage the rubber parts of the valves irreversibly. In the meantime, the hydraulic oil should change regularly.

The solenoid directional valve is a combination product of electrical part and mechanical parts, which are often used in the model control system in injection molding machine. The spool is moving while the molding clamps on or off to make plastic products, if the hydraulic medium is not clear, the function spool and the valve house cavity are easily to wear and leads more inner leakage, which will result plastic goods not filled with materials and out of original shape. It is the key to keep the hydraulic oil clean in most working conditions, better the replace the medium once a half year or more frequently as per different system working times.

If you find your system is working slowly, or the plastic goods are not completely finished like previous production batch, you may need to check the power systems or control systems. For controlling problems, please contact us concerning the valves.