Hydraulic Valve History Began: Hydraulic technology rose from the hydrostatic transmission theory by French B. Pascal in 1648, after more than 200 years, British Joseph Bramah registered the world’s first hydraulic machine patent in 1795. During these period, in1681, D. Papain invented an autoclave with a relief valve pressure. In Mid- 19th century British engineer William George Armstrong invented a hydraulic accumulators and the British engineer F. Jinken invented the world first flow control valve with differential pressure compensated function.

However, the sealing problem has not been able to find a very good solution due to water as the media, as well as a lower precision manufactured hydraulic components and process manufacturing, the hydraulic technology has been slow to develop, almost to a standstill at that time.

In 1905, Americans Mr. Janney first proposed to use mineral oil instead of water as hydraulic media started new hydraulic technology. Since advanced manufacturing process and the raise the level of vehicle, aviation, ships, and other power transmission has emerged and produced axial piston pumps, radial and axial hydraulic motor, hydraulic components, and was the first time to apply to machines.

During the Second World War, due to the military purpose, began to produce electro-hydraulic servo system for the fast response and high accuracy of the hydraulic components and control system, so that the hydraulic technology has been rapid development.

Hanry Vickers, in 1936, invented pilot operated pressure valves as threaded connection series hydraulic control components. The research for hydraulic valves has made great progress in complex copying tool of Germany and electro-hydraulic servo valve of U.S.A.

After the war, with the improvement of technology level, hydraulic technology has developed rapidly, it is extended to all areas of civilian industries and national economy, in machinery manufacturing, crane and vehicle loading machines and all kinds of construction machinery, shipbuilding, aviation and other fields, the hydraulic products have been widely developed and applied. Especially since the 1960’s, with the development of atomic energy, aerospace technology, microelectronic technology, hydraulic technology has been developed in a deeper wider industrial area.

After the end of the 1950’s, China gradually established a hydraulic components factory, introduction of the Japanese oil research company in middle and 21 MPa high pressure series hydraulic valve, developed a nozzle block series electro-hydraulic servo valve. Development and design of 2.5MPa and 6.3 low and middle-pressure hydraulic valve, designed the first set of 31.5MPa high pressure hydraulic valve, to complete the design and prototype of a new series of 32MPa high pressure valve drawings. Successfully manufactured electro-hydraulic proportional pressure relief valve, electro-hydraulic proportional flow valve. Began to produce hydraulic modular valve, hydraulic cartridge valve and hydraulic system. Thereby forming an independent hydraulic components manufacturing industry system. Throughout the 1970’s, was a period of development varieties hydraulic valves in China.

In the 1980s, China has introduced more than 40 advanced hydraulic technology, successfully development of electro-hydraulic proportional valve, electro-hydraulic digital valve and GE series middle and high pressure valve, at the same period, there are modular hydraulic valve series and low-power consumption hydraulic solenoid valve, as well as new theory electro-hydraulic proportional valve, electro-hydraulic integrated block.

As a result of a half century of development, China’s hydraulic industry has extended to hundreds of different types of hydraulic component factory (Company), to form a complete classify hydraulic valve industry, with a high production capacity and advanced level of hydraulic technology.

The close combination of hydraulic technology and modern mathematics, mechanics and micro-electronics technology, computer technology, hydraulic control science lead to the microprocessors, electronic amplifiers, sense measuring element and hydraulic control unit of mechanical and electrical integration products.

With the progress of science and technology, environmental protection, energy crisis awareness-raising in the past 20 years, a new awareness and water or hydraulic technology and in theory and applied research, it is the sustained and steady recovery and development, and has become hot topic and new direction of development in a modern hydraulic technology.

Current and future periods, a variety of hydraulic equipment including hydraulic valves will be relying on new developed machinery manufacturing, materials engineering, micro-electronics and computer, mathematics and mechanics, control of scientific and related areas of advanced technology, to the way of energy conservation, intelligence, electronic, high-pressure , miniaturization , integration, complex , personalized , long life, high reliability, green ( low pollution, low noise, low vibration, no leak ) direction way in response to the new century, new competition and new challenges. The hydraulic valve is designed to meet and apply to all kinds of products related to energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient, automated, secure and reliable requirements.