Various hydraulic valves is equipped in the industrial field, like automatic steel works or rolling mill production lines, the related hydraulic solenoid valvesare most used and its’ operation is based on hydraulic system, for example, rocking level, lifting platform, steel inlet and outlet transportation line, incline operation table, rolling adjustment, materials classified and transportation devices, hydraulic cooling system.

Steeling trip cutting line is established with hydraulic system, the power main drive comprised electrically axial piston pumps and all sorts of valves like directional control valves, pressure relief valves and flow control valves for hydraulic pressure controlling in a hydraulic closed circuit. There are many kinds of linear strip cutting line divided by its different working speed, like 20m/min. 50m/min. or 100m/min. which is mainly used.

Pressing machines for forge is equipped with several hydraulic systems (The solenoid control valves are often equipped with) to generate required power force, the largest forging press machine around the world is reaching 800MN(12000Mp) for large aircraft, the power is created by hydraulic force.
The forge pressing machine is not only being able to guaranty the personnel safety, but also is safety to the machine by automatic system control, the hydraulic valve is now easily monitored and the automatic processing is largely reducing the losses arising from human operation errors.

The mobile machines in construction machinery is powered by hydraulic sources, the hydraulic design shortens the connection of devices in order to approach as maximum output power as possible and lowers the power loss. The advantage for hydraulic parts in construction machines is the flexible hoses connections of among actuators so that the fluid energy output by effective way can be carried out in many different working positions, the directional control valves and hydraulic pressure valves is used as the main hydraulic fluid control valve.
The excavator is controlled by direct hydraulic fluid power, the digging bucket of excavator is like the hydraulic power of manual force being amplified and exactly controlled by the operator. The control of traction and actuator speed will be able to be achieved fully by hydraulics in hydrostatic transmission of construction machinery.
























The handling equipment is the typical machine of hydraulic transmission. Although, the handling machine is

manoeuvred by bending or lifting gear sometimes, but most of loading mechanism is finished by hydraulic motor (Equipped with directional valve) rotation of the equipment. The time is much important in the cases, therefore, the loading discharge quickly and exactly is the key to take into consideration before design the equipment, the hydraulics is made the heavy work easily.

More hydraulic valves are equipped in injection moulding machines (Hydraulic Solenoid Valves WE and WEH series, Pressure Relief Valves DBW and DBD series, Hydraulic Flow Control Valves DRV Series, Hydraulic Check Valves Z2S series are often used), which produces a number of impressive item in our life, the computer you are watching now, a bottle for water, the plastic mold for cars, even the toys in your baby’s hand, please check your household commodities, then you will know how important of injection moulding machine. However, the use of hydraulic power for the moulding injection machine helps the machine to create numerous plastic items with artistic value. Finotek valves in plastic injection molding machines with clamping force ranging from 70 tons to 3000 tons, injection volume ranging from 100cm3 to 30000cm3, which will be able to meet the various requirements.

The giant and high requirement task of developing coastal protection and water channel is be able to be finished in very cost-effective manner by using hydraulic control systems and hydraulic techniques. The large hydraulic power generated by hydraulic actuators like hydraulic cylinder contains enormous natural forces against the flood tides so that the coastal area can live safety beside ocean.

The water lock-gates is controlled by hydraulic systems automatically(Hydraulic valves like directional control valves), there are thousands tons of force for water storage and it is pretty hard to open or close the lock gates, especially the water is pass over the warning line. Only the hydraulic, in this case, is fitted to operate the various cut off wall, it controls the lifting platform and other buffer devices.