Hydraulic Hand Pump, High Pressure

PRODUCT TYPE: Hydraulic Hand Pump, High Pressure
PUMP PRESSURE: Max. 70Mpa/700Bar/8700PSI
CONTROL METHOD: Hand Operation
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded Connection
PART NOS.: FT-180 Series
– Ultra-pressure hydraulic hand operation pump
– Small size, portable and light pump, flexible operated
– With or without pressure gauge, easily to read and control pressure

Hydraulic hand pump, high pressure reaches to 60Mpa, with hydraulic power to do all kinds of actuation as a small size of hydraulic machinery, such as punching, stretching, crimping, cutting, lifting, bending, straightening, riveting etc. The hydraulic hand pump is quickly establishing pressure, and the working pressure is available to be kept in the middle stage, there is a safety pressure control valve installed inside to protect the pump.


Finotek FT-180 hydraulic hand pump, high pressure manual operated pump feature:
1. This is a single-hole pump design works under high and low pressure two-stage, quick pressure output. The operation of hand pump is convenient even without electricity at any work pressure, the pump keeps the same function like electrical pump.
2. Foot and manual operation mode available, pipe line can be lengthened to 2M or more.
3. The pressure of hydraulic hand pump can be kept in the middle stage, the internal design with pressure safety valve to protect the pump for over high pressure.
4. Equipped with high pressure rubber piping, and quick coupling.
5. Using specified hydraulic oil of R32# or SHLL T-15, and oil inside the pump should be replaced in every six months.
6. Connection with PT3/8” threaded.

Hand Pump Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “FT- 180G – 1 ”
Explanation As Below:


(1) Producer code= FT, By Finotek
(2) 180= Hydraulic Hand Pump Type
(3) G= With Pressure gauge 
  Omit= Without Pressure gauge 
(4) 1= Piping length 1M
  2= Piping length 2M
(5) *= Further information

Hand Pump Technical Information

Main Raw Materials: High strenght carbon steel, 45# steel
Power: By hydraulic oil
Brand: Finotek or OEM
Operation type: Manual, hand operated
Max. pressure output: 60Mpa/600bar/8700Psi

Oil storage: 0.35L
Dimensions: 350x110x135mm
Oil Medium Temperature: -30 to +80(°C)for NBR O-rings
Oil Medium: Mineral oil as per DIN51 524, VDMA 24 568 or rapeseed oil, Viscosity 10 – 400 CST
Recommended Medium Filtration: ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15

Hydraulic Hand Pump Dimensions