Hydraulic Hand Operated Pump

PRODUCT TYPE: Hydraulic Hand Operated Pump
CONTROL METHOD: Hand Operation
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded Connection
PART NOS.: FT-700 Series
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT:  FT-700=10Kgs/22.00Lbs
– Piston chromed plated to protect from rust
– 100Mpa pressure gauge installed available, display oil pressure real-time
– PT3/8 standard screw connector, plastic dust cover enclosed

Finotek FT-700 Hydraulic Hand Operated Pump Usage and Safety Precautions:
When the working pressure keeps 63MPa of hydraulic hand operated pump, the pump plays its high performance and most effectively at the moment and without any adjustment throughout. Actual working pressure is lower than 63MPa, it is not necessary to adjust the pump as well.
If the hydraulic hand operated pump needs to expand the usage like to meet activated cylinders requirement, the hydraulic hand operated pump may work under the pressure lower than 63MPa, In this case the pressure gauge should be connected to the hose, regulating high pressure valve until the showing pressure of pressure gauge reaches to the working pressure of cylinder. To accommodate the work requires large ton and stroke, there is another custom oil storage tank can be designed and manufactured.

Safety precautions before operating hydraulic hand operated pump:
1- No more than 63MPa of working pressure. Do not to regulate the high and low pressure valve randomly.
2- Smoothly shaking the the handle and level of hydraulic hand operated pump to prevent rising the oil shock phenomenon, in order to extend the each valve longer service life.
3- Slowly unloading the pressure by adjusting the hand wheel, too fast pressure unloading will shorten the hydraulic hand operated pump life.
4- When the oil is not enough, the hydraulic oil should be filled in, but it is prohibitive to add the oil under pressure existing in the hydraulic hand operated pump chamber.
5- Before working, making sure that proper connection in each joint.
6- High pressure hoses needed to be tested in every six months, in case of accidents caused of old hose aging. Test pressure should set to lower than 90MPa, the rubber host should not be used if there is any leakage and raised spot phenomenon.

Hydraulic Hand Operated Pump

Hand Pump Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “FT- 700G – 1 ”
Explanation As Below:


(1) Producer code= FT, By Finotek
(2) 700= Hydraulic manual pump type
(3) G= With Pressure gauge 
  Omit= Without Pressure gauge 
(4) 1= Piping length 1M
  2= Piping length 2M
(5) *= Further information

Hand Pump Technical Information

Main Raw Materials: High strenght carbon steel, 45# steel
Power: By hydraulic oil
Brand: Finotek or OEM
Max. Operation Pressure: 70Mpa/700bar/10150psi
Operation type: Manual, hand operated

Oil storage: 0.90L
Dimensions: 510x140x250mm
Oil Medium Temperature: -30 to +80(°C)for NBR O-rings
Oil Medium: Mineral oil as per DIN51 524, VDMA 24 568 or rapeseed oil, Viscosity 10 – 400 CST
Recommended Medium Filtration: ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15

Hydraulic Manual Pump FT-390 Dimensions