PRODUCT TYPE: Hydraulic hammer valve, Hammer control valve
VALVE STYLE: On-off, steal ball sealing
VALVE TYPE: One way check valve
CONTROL METHOD: Hydraulic, handle operated
APPLICATION: All brand excavtor of hammer breaking
CONNECTION TYPE: Flanged type connection
H. S. CODE: 8481.2010

> 2020 Flanged Ball Valve Review

The hydraulic hammer ball valve is used for excavator rock breaking application, which controls the hydraulic hammer speed and hydraulic power. This hydraulic hammer control vale is designed for open or closes the fluid in the pipeline while maintaining the part of the excavator or replacement of the related hydraulic parts.

The feature of Finotek hydraulic hammer valve:
> Zero inner leakage of sealing hydraulic fluid while in shut off position, ball of sealing with more reliable operation.
> High strength steel materials for high pressure and shocking situation,
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> Acceptable to Cat-Caterpillar Excavator hammer for rock breaking, Komatsu Excavator Hammer; Hitachi Excavator; Kobelco Excavator; HyunDai Excavator Broken Hammer;

Technical Data Of Hydraulic Excavator Hammer Control Valve
Used in Hydraulic hammer connector for pipeline threaded:  Flange connection
Flow rate: more than 100ml/min.
Max. pressure: 31.5Mpa(315bar) or more

Flange Type Hydraulic Hammer Valve Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “ FT-HFV-25-C Explanation As Below:


(1) Supplier Brand= FT,  By Finotek
(2) HFV= Hydraulic Hammer Flange Ball Valve
(3) Size : 25= 25mm ; or customized
(4) Main Materials: C = Carbon Steel ; S= Stainless Steel
(5) * For Further Information

Flange Type, Hydraulic Hammer Valve Dimensions

Flange Type, Hydraulic Hammer Rock Breaking Ball Valve Dimensions

2020 Hydraulic Hammer Flange Type Ball Valve Dimensions 

2020 Flange Type, Hydraulic Hammer Rock Breaking Ball Valve Dimensions