Hydraulic Directional Valve Solenoid

PRODUCT TYPE: Hydraulic Directional Valve Solenoid
VALVE SIZE:  NG10/CETOP5 Valve Solenoid
CONTROL METHOD: Solenoid Control
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded Connection
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: Size10=1.60Kgs/3.52Lbs
Hydraulic solenoid valves division
Double acting solenoid valve
– Individual mating connectors
– Different voltage optional available
– Wet pin for hydraulic directional valve mounting

Hydraulic directional valve solenoid uses for WE10 solenoid operated valves, with individual plug connection. The plug mating connector is installed in each coils to control the coil de-energized condition or energized condition. If the voltage of solenoid is direct current, there is a rectifier in each matting connector to transfer the alternate current to direct current. The size and voltage is necessary to pay attention before order or replace the solenoids, but it should be cut off electric power before changing the coils. The coil lock of hydraulic directional valve solenoid nut must be tightly fastened, in case there is a little oil leakage from the connection gap between the valve house and coil.

Hydraulic Directional Valve Solenoid Specifications

Rated Voltage: DC= 12V; 24V / AC= 110V; 220V
Rated Magnetic Power: ≥90W
Holding Power: ≤40W
Rated Stroke: 4mm
Full Stroke: ≥8mm
Duty Cycle: 100%

Insulation Class: F
Power Consumption: ≤40W
Voltage Tolerance: +10% To -15%
Max. Operation Frequency: 12000 t/h
Protection Class: IP65
Service Life: 10×1000000

Hydraulic Directional Valve Solenoid Operation Curve


Hydraulic Directional Valve Solenoid Dimensions

Hydraulic-Solenoid-Directional-Control-Valve-Coil-and-Solenoid-WE10-without-plug-dimensions Hydraulic-Solenoid-Directional-Control-Valve-Coil-and-Solenoid-WE10-with-plug-dimensions