Hydraulic valves that are also known as hydraulic components are vital elements of a hydraulic system. To be more specific, a hydraulic system cannot function without hydraulic valves. The main purpose of these valves is to control the flow speed of the fluid of the system, which in most cases is oil. In order to gain maximum power or efficiency out of the system, you have to select the most suitable hydraulic valves.

Hydraulic Valves Introduction & Testing:
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Directional Control Valves

– Small valve inner leakage
– Powerful solenoid operation
– Reliable response to hydraulic pressure

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valves

– Correct pressure adjustment
– Higher(To 400bar) pressure control
– Hand wheel or rotary knob

Hydraulic Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valves

– Easily flow control
– Stable fluid flow rate
– Flow or throttle controls optional

Hydraulic Check Valves

Hydraulic Check Valves

– No leakage in one way directly
– Ball or piston sealing
– Quick response to hydraulic fluid

Hydraulic Control Valve Parts

Hydraulic Valve Parts

– Wild range valve parts
– High quality materials selected
– Standard or non standard design

Hydraulic components come to the market in a wide range of sizes. In order to choose the best size, you have to consider two parameters – maximum pressure of the system and the maximum flow through the valve. Hydraulic valves can be classified as directional control valves, pressure control valves and flow control valves. Apart from these three main classes, there are also servo and proportional hydraulic valves.
Directional control valves or switching valves are responsible for controlling the end, beginning and direction of the fluid. Pressure control valves are used at a specific preset pressure level. The control of the flow is achieved through flow control valves. Despite the hydraulic valve you plan to use, there is a common factor in all of them – the quality. Finotek Machinery Co., Ltd. offers you best quality valves for reasonable prices.

More Than Thousands (800,000 Sets) Of Machines Equipped With Our Hydraulic Control Valves
It is hard to find the value of hydraulic control valve if only comparing with prices in China. There are many ways to save the manufacturing cost, for example, manufacturers purchase second raw materials as valve housing with low stress and strength especially in high hydraulic pressure systems, it will lead to machine works slowly, even no hydraulic pressure in the systems, also the coil of solenoid for hydraulic solenoid valve are easily burned out in normal working condition if less copper wire wound inside. Are you sure to buy the cheap valves from China and ruin your business at last?

Purchasing low-grade hydraulic control valve is no meaning for longer term business not only to machines, but also to customers’ satisfaction, not to mentionthe purchase time and additional cost wasted. But Finotek only uses high quality of raw materials suppliers in China as the housing of hydraulic control valve, it rises the production cost but truly  enhance our clients’ machines performance and keeping few goods return rates. As a hydraulic control valve manufacturer, Finotek introduced high precision external cylindrical grinding machine since 2008, which helps the brand to be different with others, our sales continues to rise due to enhance the valve quality and stability, since the spool dimension of directional control valve is reaching between 0.00500mm to 0.08000mm which advanced cylindricity and roundness of slide spool and hosing bore for directional control valves & hydraulic control valves, it obviously lower the operation noise and getting quick switching response in various machines. Finotek will introduce more advanced production technology and equipment to develop the hydraulic control valves in future. Finotek is your trusted partner.

Hydraulic equipment as a basic industry, it plays key role in industrial fields,Finotek hydraulic control valves are critical to the smooth functioning of any hydraulic system. They control the direction of the oil flow and subsequently the pressure of the system which ensures that the hydraulic system operates optimally. Without proper hydraulic control valves from a reliable hydraulic valve manufacturer, your system could be headed for disaster. So buy hydraulic control valve parts from Finotek and keep your hydraulic system up and running efficiently.

– What Do We Do –

Our hydraulic control valves are only using new raw materials, second hand materials are never allowed to sell to our customers. We promised that all of the hydraulic control valve are 100% tested before package and delivery to your location.

We are manufacturing the porting pattern of hydraulic valve as per the DIN 24340 form A, ISO 4401, NFPA D03/05, CETOP3/5 for subplate assembly, standard installation dimensions in hydraulic equipment.

Our hydraulic valves have been equipped in thousands of machines since 2006, therefore, we got much experience of how to purchase the most cost-effective valves in China. Inform us your requirement in details, better knowing your machines, your service customers, market. We should do our great effort to offer you our recommendation, valves and expanding your business in hydraulic field.

– Service –

1. All the parts of the hydraulic valves produced by Finotek are manufactured by digital machines, guarantee accuracy requirements of valve parts.
2 .All the hydraulic control valves must be tested by Finotek as per its functions and characteristics, right testing method will lead the hydraulic valves to work well in its position.
3. Within several years, few complaints about our products, we believefewer service better than more services, development of market your market, do our professional job.

– Market –

The current market in a hydraulic valve industry is said as in red sea in China (Products homogeneity competition), and even hydraulic valve industry in Ningbo city is mixed with several large and small of more than hundreds hydraulic valve manufacturers and suppliers located around, of which many companies depend on the assembly of spare parts, some companies or persons are only trading valves without any hydraulic experience, they simply call themselves as hydraulic valve manufacturers, since then we received complains from our customers. Faced with such a complex market environment, Finotek consists of quality control in the production process, from casting, steel (raw materials) into the factory, parts procurement beginning, mechanic manufacturing processing and each hydraulic valve strictly tested before delivery.

Checking the production records, which shows that Finotek has been producing the hydraulic control valves according to ISO9001 quality management system implementation, Finotek only accepts the high quality suppliers as raw material purchasing, particularly in the valve housing, valve spools, different pressure springs, to distinguish ours from other hydraulic valve manufacturers who just saving the costing and lowering valve’s performance.