Hydraulic systems use pressurized hydraulic fluids to run the machine. The simplest kind of hydraulic system can be seen at work in your car, when you hit the brakes or accelerate. The basic functioning of hydraulic systems consists of two pistons connected through a tube. The pressure on one piston transfers it to the other through the use of a fluid. Fluid power systems have many advantages over other control systems and are used widely in aerospace, mobile equipment and industrial uses.

Hydraulic Control Valves Basics:
Components of a fluid power system include a line relief valve, hydraulic pump, a proportional direction control valve and an actuator. The advantages of hydraulic system over others include:

  • High power output to various requirements of equipment
  • Different installation direction for small or large assembly space
  • Capability of fast response and acceleration
  • Easy parts replacement, fast troubleshooting solution, long-term useful time and much reliable working

-The Benefits of Using Fluid in the System-

A very dense or incompressible liquid, usually oil, is used in most hydraulic systems and that is a more desirable choice than other drier methods of moving machinery. There are reasons of using liquid in hydraulic systems. For instance, it does not require as many moving parts and prevents the same kind of wear to occur on the system. As opposed to other mechanic means, it allows a much smoother and precise motion in the system to occur.

-The Role of Hydraulic Control Valves-

Hydraulic control valves are an important part of the hydraulic system as they are meant to control the pressure in the fluid system. It also helps control flow rate and direction of the flow along with pressure. Hydraulic valves are used for different specifications and at different places in the hydraulic machine to control the flow, direction, and pressure of liquid.

There are many types of hydraulic control valves available, which are further divided into sub types. Each one has a different role to play in the hydraulic system and to ensure system efficiency. You must keep in mind to use the most relevant and specific valve according to the system needs and requirements. It is also recommended to use only the most high quality hydraulic valves in the system as they last longer and pose less problems than other valves available in the market. Always purchase from a trusted and experienced manufacturer.

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