Introduction Of Cartridge Valves

If you are designing a new hydraulic machine or planning to maintain hydraulic units in equipment, then you need to be really wise while making some very important choices. Cartridge valves or hydraulic cartridge valves to be specific speaking , which is modern used for hydraulic systems in most of industrial equipment. It is definitely better to know something about cartridge valves, its working performance or features, since your decision will affect the final composition of the hydraulic system or main devices in machine. Let’s enlist the key attributes.

The Advantages of Cartridge Valves:

  • Cartridge style valve is so easy to handle as it can be replaced following an easy method, when required.
  • It is showing an excellent performance in hydraulic machine functioning from at least 2 years.
  • It enjoys a unique and different kind of status in the mechanical world, due to its importance in maintaining the function.
  • Cartridge style valves come in a small size that make them a portable option to use.
  • They can be used to switch the speed of fluid flow quite quickly. This property makes the valve a cost effective option for fluid power industry usage.
  • Hydraulic cartridge valve along with the steel plates can be used to apply directional pressure, which helps the hydraulic machine to carry out its function efficiently
  • Cartridge style valves offer short and manageable operational durations.


  • One of the disadvantage is that it offers minimal pressure peaks.
  • Another one is that traditional cartridge valves are not eligible to perform the prefill function. And additionally, it will not provide a uniform flow.
    There are not many disadvantages discovered, yet one of the negative aspect found is that double discharge module or single discharge module alone cannot be very much functionally efficient. They need to be used together along with the adaptor in order to fulfill the lubrication requirements.

Here an overview of the two types of valves is given with proper advantages and disadvantages. Examining them, it can aid you well in deciding the most suitable design for a hydraulic machine.

Main Structure of Cartridge Valve:

Cartridge valve function is an important feature that greatly depends on the structure of the cartridge valve. These valves provide a very efficient application in the working of hydraulic fluid power industry. The cartridge valve function is not really vast and dynamic. It comes with a unique structure consisting of a

  • Sleeve
  • Valve poppet or cone
  • Closing spring

The basic cartridge structure includes a valve poppet, which is normally held in the closed set up using a spring. The other end is closed using a closing spring. The closing spring encloses the cartridge style valve and provides pilot connections from the X port. Various types of pilot control can be mounted either to the control cover or to an adjacent manifold face, to provide direct control of the cartridge valve.

Hydraulic cartridge valve function is to control hydraulic fluid flow. Hydraulic fluid can flow through the 2–way cartridge valve. If a pilot valve is used, it can directly control the switching function of the cartridge valve. Hydraulic cartridge valve Function is greatly influenced by cartridge valve assembly, which is designed to fit within a cavity and it is held in place and sealed by a cover. The manifold block fits the valve into it; it contains ports A and B together with the pilot control lines. Cartridge valves, also known as  logic valves, have two operational ports A and B. The flow path between these two connections is controlled  by a pilot pressure applied to X.



Here the key function of a cartridge style valve will be narrated. The valve Function will be fulfilled by cartridge style valves having two working connections A and B, where the main flow is hydraulically operated by a controlling current applied to the connection X.

These cartridge valve  offer the  following cartridge style valve functions by acting as:

  • Directional control valves that come with various options like start, stop, directional control.
  • Pressure control valves that provide pressure relief, pressure control and pressure sequence.
  • Check valves offers flow in one way direction and blocks if reverse flow.
  • Flow control valves control flow rate in hydraulic system

Cartridge control valve controls system can be utilized in such a manner as to control the functionality of flow, pressure and directional control. A system comprised of cartridge style valves mounted in a manifold block can be designed to reproduce the functionality of the hydraulic system.

The cartridge type of valve function can be replaced from its previous position, i.e. the working circuit to the control circuit; thereby simplifying the circuit complexity. Lastly, the pressure declines across the cartridge valve is not that much required for corresponding single function valve, resulting in a reduction of system losses.

In a conventional hydraulic system, maximum productivity is achieved by connecting all the single function valves in a parallel or serial fashion. If this condition is not met, then the inclusion of  directional flow will be controlled by single function valves. This condition  requires more valves, more space, greater system losses and increased weight.

Features of Cartridge Valves

Hydraulic cartridge valve provides the  following services through their operation:

  • Increased power density
  • A Smaller system size
  • Reduced financial cost
  • Mounting within a manifold
  • Reduced chance of oil leakage
  • A single point of contact of the valve
  • A large flow range
  • More cost effective control in high flow systems
  • Ideal for safety circuits
  • Insensitive to water based fluids
  • Greater stability across all operating conditions
  • Insensitive to high pressure drops
  • Can be used in super high flow systems and hazardous environments


Cartridge valve is a very small tool, but if we compare its size to the massive level of functionality that it shows in the working of the hydraulic system, then we’ll accept that no doubt somehow this is running the whole hydraulic system. It plays the main role. You will find it is simple and easy to replace or maintain the hydraulic system after using the cartridge valves.

However, finding a good quality cartridge valve supplier is not a piece of cake thing, but a very serious and difficult mission. To solve this query, you need to consult some experts and get intelligent opinion while selecting any brand or supplying agency for the valves, as the whole manufacturing efficiency lies on this very choice.

Although for good quality you need to spend some money and trying to find a reliable supplier, since the price factor and trust supplier should be given mcuh importance as high level for selection while making a deal. Apart from professional guidance, proper testing sessions for evaluating the capacity and quality of valves can also help you to get a better idea about which brand will be suitable. Your experience of manufacturing a hydraulic machine always matters; as this experience will help you to compose a good product at the end.
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