Flow Control Valve General Principle
Flow control valve is sometimes called throttle control valve. There is a poppet with threaded mounted on the valve to control the fluid flow by adjusting the threaded poppet and changing the area gap between the valve house and poppet, it will be able to be read from the animation below (There are two page of the animation, please click the next page). Finotek DV series is the same function, DRV series is the combination of a throttle valve and check valve function. – finotek.com

Flow Control Valve Animation:


Flow Control Valve Throttled Inlet
The flow control valve is set in front of the actuator (Cylinder). When adjusting the wheel, the area allows fluid flow is varied accordingly. The movement speed of cylinder will be able to be controlled by the flow control valve quickly, but this design is not available for high flow rate and pressure, it is hard to adjust the hand wheel while under the high operation system and not much precision adjustment.  – finotek.com

Flow Control Valve Animation Of Principle:


Flow Control Valve Throttled Outlet
The flow control valve is set rear the actuator (Cylinder) in the line of oil outlet. There are two function of the flow control valve at the position: movement speed adjustment and building backup pressure in hydraulic system. It will develop movement of cylinder is more steady in operation and eliminating cavitation phenomenon in hydraulic system, therefore, the flow control valve is often installed at the point. – finotek.com