Excavator Relief Valve For Hydraulic Motor Swing, Revolving Controlling

FINOTEK VALVE ORDERING NOS.: FT-063, FT-084, FT-100, FT-130, FT-149, FT-185

PRODUCT TYPE: Hydraulic pressure relief valve

VALVE STYLE: Pilot operated type

VALVE TYPE: Pressure control valve, pressure adjustable


APPLICATION: All brand of hammer Breaking

CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded Connection



Excavator relief valve controls the hydraulic motor in various brand of excavator, in order to control the speed of hydraulic swing, revolving movement. The standard of excavator relief valve is available to replace the excavator brand of Cat excavator, DooSan excavator, Hitachi excavator, HyunDai excavator, Kobelco excavator, Komatsu excavator, etc.

Finotek excavator relief valve is standard of Metric threaded of M33x1.5, and two type of head is for option: original black type and new shining type to meet customers completely. This excavator relief valve for motor is reliable working under high pressure and longer term operation. We selected high quality raw materials, highly precise machining process, drilling and grinding, hardened key parts and colorful surface treatment to produce much reliable valve.

Metric threaded of M33x1.5, to Cat, DooSan, Hitachi, HyunDai, Kobelco Excavators, Excavator hydraulic motor swing, revolving control, with standard dimensions. Motor swing speed controlling relief valve, pressure main control valve for excavator arm revolving

Excavator Relief Valve For Hydraulic Motor Swing, Revolving
Motor Swing Speed Controlling Relief Valve Dimensions, Pressure Main Control Valve For Excavator Arm Revolving