Electric Hydraulic Solenoid Valve

PRODUCT TYPE: Electric Hydraulic Solenoid Valve
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Subplate Connection
Subplate:  G341; G342; G502 Bottom Subplates
Solenoids(Coils):  Valve Solenoids and Coils
– Standard DIN mating connectors
– Rapidly response to electric signal
– Manual override available for emergency

Electric hydraulic solenoid valve is used for controlling hydraulic fluid by solenoid(s) when receiving electric signal and all the valve solenoids are with manual override for manually operation in some occasion. The piston inside the coil tube will push the valve spool in central position (when the solenoid is de-energized) when the solenoids energized, the valve spool returns back to central position by a spring when de-energized. The electric hydraulic solenoid valve is single solenoids at one side, it can be mounted on each side option as per system requirements.

Finotek produces electric hydraulic solenoid valve is mostly used for pressure more than 5Mpa hydraulic systems, such as plastic injection machines, pressing machines, hydraulic system machines. There are lights in the connectors to trace the solenoids energized or de-energized when the valve is installed in the systems.

Valve Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “FT-4WE6 E 6X/ EG24NZ5L” Explanation As Below:

FT- 4 WE 6 E 6X /   E G24
(1) (2)   (3) (4) (5)   (6) (7) (8)

N Z5L /      
(9) (10)   (11) (12) (13)


(1) Producer code= FT
(2) Service ports= 4
  Service ports= 3
(3) Size= 6
(4) Spool symbol= E, J, H, G… please see the spool symbols below
(5) Valve series
(6) No code= With spring return
  O= Without spring return
  F= Without spring return with detent
(7) E= (Wet-pin) Solenoid with detachable coil
(8) G24= DC voltage 24V
  G12= DC voltage 12V
  W220= AC voltage 220~230V 50/60 Hz
  W110= AC voltage 110V 50/60 Hz

(9) N= With manual override
(10) Z5L= Plug-in connection with indicator lamp
(11) No code = Without Throttle insert
  B08= ThrottleØ0.8mm[0.031inch]
  B10= ThrottleØ1.0mm[0.039inch]
  B12= ThrottleØ1.2mm[0.047inch]
(12) No code = NBR seals for petroleum oil
  V = FPM seals for phosphate ester
(13) No code = Black Galvanization
  B= Blue Powder Coating

Valve Technical Information

Main Raw Materials: Casting Iron
Power: By hydraulic
Brand: Finotek or OEM
Max. Operation Pressure(T): 21Mpa
Max. Operating Pressure(P,A,B): 31.5Mpa
Max. Flow Rate: 60L/min.
Media Temperature: -30 to +80(°C)for NBR O-rings

Available Voltaege: DC:12V,24V ; AC:110V,220V
Voltage Tolerance: +10% to -15%
Switching Frequency: DC:15000Times/h; AC:7200Times/h
Oil Medium: Mineral oil as per DIN51 524, VDMA 24 568 or rapeseed oil, Viscosity 10 – 400 CST
Recommended Medium Filtration: ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15

Valve Spool Symbols


Valve Installation Dimensions