EFBG Hydraulic Proportional Pressure / Flow Control Valve

PRODUCT TYPE: EFBG Hydraulic Proportional Pressure / Flow Control Valve
VALVE SIZE: 23mm; 29mm
CONTROL METHOD: Proportional Pressure Flow Control
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Subplate Connection
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: EFBG10(03)=16.00Kgs/35.26Lbs; EFBG20(06)=30.00Kgs/66.12Lbs
– Microcomputer control available
– High control precision, easy adjustment
– Optimum pressure & flow control for machines

EFBG hydraulic proportional pressure flow control valve is used to control pressure and flow separately in hydraulic system through two electric signal, it can trace load pressure with a small differential pressure in order to control the output power of pump. In other words, it is an energy-saving valve, since the valve loads the pressure and keeps min. pressure difference to control the pump output power, therefore, it is a low-energy, energy efficiency, inlet throttle control adjustment valve. The EFBG has a temperature automatic supply function, it allows to control the flow stable and not affected by the oil temperature.

Additional Indication:

1.Installation position: The correct position for EFBG valve is to keep the air-bleed hole upwards in order to discharge the air in oil while testing the machines. The special instruction must be indicated before order if the valve will be installed vertically.

2.Air elimination: Please screw out the vent hole (when the system pressure set on 3Mpa) to eliminate the air, and screw the bolt tightly as soon as no air bubbles in the valve.

3. Manual regulation screw: When the electrical control system failure, the valve needs pressure supply temporarily, in this case, the manual regulation bolt should be screwed in at clockwise direction , but it should be back in normal operation.

4.Return pipe line: The back pressure should be as low as possible, keeping the end of return pipe line inserted under the oil surface directly. Trying to avoid pipe line twists or flow limited phenomena.

5.Maximum safe pressure set: The pressure setting should refer to the actual flow rate and pressure of pump, usually when the pump flow rate keeps under 100L/min., it can be set additional 1.5Mpa.

EFBG Valve Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “FT-EFBG 10 H 80 ”
Explanation As Below:


(1) Producer code= FT
(2) Proportional Pressure Flow Control Valve: EFBG
(3) Service Port Size= 10(03)
  Service Port Size= 20(06)

(4) C= 1.4Mpa~16Mpa
  H= 1.4Mpa~21Mpa
(5) 80= 80L/min.; 125= 125L/min.
  160= 160L/min.; 250= 250L/min.

EFBG Valve Technical Information

Main Raw Materials: Casting Iron
Power: By hydraulic
Brand: Finotek or OEM
Max. Operation Pressure: 24.5Mpa
EFBG10(03)Max. Flow Rate: 125L/min.; 26.40/Gpm
EFBG20(06)Max. Flow Rate: 250L/min.; 52.80/Gpm
EFBG10(03)Flow Adj. Range: 1.0-125L/min.
EFBG20(06)Flow Adj. Range: 2.5.0-250L/min.

Flow Control Valve Technical Data:
EFBG10(03) Rated Current: 680mA
EFBG20(06) Rated Current: 580mA
Coil Resistance: 43.50Ω
EFBG10(03) Pressure Difference: 0.6Mpa
EFBG10(03) Pressure Difference: 0.7Mpa
Hysteresis: ≤7%
Repeatability: ≤1%

Pressure Control Valve Technical Data:
EFBG10(03)Pressure Adj. Range: C=1.4~14Mpa; H=1.4~21Mpa(mA)
EFBG20(06)Pressure Adj. Range: C=1.5~14Mpa; H=1.5~21Mpa(mA)
EFBG10(03) Rated Current: C=710mA; H=770mA
EFBG20(06) Rated Current: C=690mA; H=730mA
Coil Resistance: 10Ω
Hysteresis: ≤3%
Repeatability: ≤1%
Media: Mineral oil;as per DIN51 524, VDMA 24 568 or rapeseed oil, Viscosity 10 – 400 CST
Recommended Medium Filtration: ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15

EFBG Valve Function Symbol


EFBG10(03) Valve Installation Dimensions


EFBG20(06) Valve Installation Dimensions