Proportional Pressure Relief Valve

PRODUCT TYPE: EBGProportional Pressure Relief Valve
VALVE SIZE: 14.7mm; 23.7mm
CONTROL METHOD: Proportional Pressure Control
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Subplate Connection
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: EBG10(03)=5.60Kgs/12.30Lbs; EBG20(06)=6.30Kgs/13.90Lbs
– Used for control main pressure in systems
– Regulation pressure as per input current
– Low operation noise in operation surroundings

EBG proportional pressure relief valve is combine with a small high performance electro-proportional solenoid valve and pressure relief valve house where screwed a low noise logic cartridge valve. EBG series can control the system pressure linearly as per the power of input current signal, but the valve should be quipped with power amplifier as normally operation.

The EBG series of proportional pressure relief valve is applied to various industrial fields, used in injection molding machines, die casting machines, hydraulic presses machines, CNC numerical control machines, high-performance with multi-pressure stage automated equipment.

EBG Valve Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “FT-EBG 10 C ”
Explanation As Below:


(1) Producer code= FT
(2) Electro- Proportional Pressure Control Valve: EBG
(3) Service Port Size= 10(03)
  Service Port Size= 20(06)

(4) B= 0.5Mpa~7.0Mpa
  C= 1.0Mpa~16Mpa
  H= 1.4Mpa~25Mpa
(5) No code= Internal drained(Standard type)
  T= External drained

EBG Valve Technical Information

Main Raw Materials: Casting Iron
Power: By hydraulic
Brand: Finotek or OEM
Max. Operation Pressure: 25Mpa
EBG10(03)Max. Flow Rate: 100L/min.; 26.40/Gpm
EBG20(06)Max. Flow Rate: 200L/min.; 52.80/Gpm
Min. Flow Rate: 3L/min.; 0.79/Gpm

EBG10(03) Rated Current: C=770; H=820(mA)
EBG20(06) Rated Current: C=750; H=800(mA)
Coil Resistance: 10Ω
Hysteresis: ≤2%
Repeatability: ≤1%
Oil Medium: Mineral oil as per DIN51 524, VDMA 24 568 or rapeseed oil, Viscosity 10 – 400 CST
Recommended Medium Filtration: ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15

EBG Valve Function Symbol


EBG Valve Installation Dimensions