Directional Valve Subplate

PRODUCT TYPE: NG Directional Valve Subplate
CONTROL METHOD: Directional Valve Operation
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE:  Subplate Mounting
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: G66=2.30Kgs/5.06Lbs; G342=2.50Kgs/5.50Lbs; G502=2.50Kgs/5.50Lbs; G502=2.50Kgs/5.50Lbs
Directional control valve division
Hydraulic solenoid valves division
– Fine selected raw materials
– Black galvanization to prevent rust
– Precise dimensions holes finishing

Directional valve subplates are designed for the CETOP 5 (size 10) solenoid operation directional valve installation. The subplate is mounted under the bottom of the solenoid valve as per the valve service ports, the size 10 valve often has 5 ports of A, B, P, and double T ports.

The function of the directional valve subplates is to converts the directional valve to pipe line (threaded) connection. Usually directional valve subplates play the role of connection conversion, but it design to block or release some service ports sometimes as to meet different hydraulic systems requirements. Directional valve subplates can be design to insert with cartridge valves, like hydraulic pressure relief valves, or hydraulic check valves to control some certain service ports, to add more additional function to the directional valves.

Directional Valve Subplate Specifications

Main Raw Materials: Casting Iron or carbon steel
Power: By hydraulic
Brand: Finotek or OEM
Max. Operation Pressure Of Casting Iron: 31.5Mpa
Max. Operation Pressure Of Carbon Steel: 65Mpa

Valve Pattern Standard: DIN 24 340; ISO4401; CETOP 5 RP 121H; NFPA D05
Oil Medium: Mineral oil as per DIN51 524, VDMA 24 568 or rapeseed oil, Viscosity 10 – 400 CST
Recommended Medium Filtration: ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15

G66/01(G3/8); G66/02(M18X1.5); G67/01(G1/2); G67/02(M22X1.5) Dimensions


Model D1 T ΦD2 Fixing screw (With valve)
G66/01 G3/8(M18X1.5) 12 28

4XM6 (GB70.1-10.9)
Socket Head Cap Screws

G292/01(02); G308/01(02); G377/01(02); G378/01(02) Dimensions


Model D1 ΦD2 Fixing screw (With valve)
G292/01 (02) G1/2 (M22X1.5) 34 4XM8 (GB70-85-10.9)
Socket Head Cap Screws
G308/01 (02) G3/8(M18X1.5) 28
G377/01 (02) G3/8(M18X1.5) 28
G378/01 (02) G1/2(M22X1.5) 34

G534/01(G3/4); G534/02(M27X2) Dimensions


Model D1 Fixing screw (With valve)
G534/01 G3/4

4XM8 (GB70-85-10.9)
Socket Head Cap Screws

G534/02 M27X2

G535/01(G3/4); G535/02(M27X2); G536/01(G1); G536/02(M33X2); Dimensions


Model D1 D2 ΦD3 T1 Fixing screw (With valve)
G535/01 G3/4 G1/4 42 16 4XM8 (GB70-85-10.9)
Socket Head Cap Screws
G535/02 M27X2 M14X1.5 42 16
G536/01 G1 G1/4 47 18
G536/02 M33X2 M14X1.5 47 18