Directional Valve Solenoid

PRODUCT TYPE: Directional Valve Solenoid
VALVE SIZE:  NG06/CETOP3 Valve Solenoid
CONTROL METHOD: Solenoid Control
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded Connection
Hydraulic solenoid valves division
Double acting solenoid valve
– Solenoid for CETOP 3, WE6 Valve
– Chrome plated, stainless steel housing
– Quick and precisely directional control

Directional valve solenoid uses for WE6 directional control valves. The solenoid is designed with a magnetic core in a special shape around specific numbers of copper wires. When the current through the coil, it produces a magnetic field around the core. The core role is to greatly enhance the around magnetic field strength. Magnetic field lines through from the center of the coil to the other end of side turn round again, the number of line round mostly determines the power of coil.
The coil of directional valve solenoid is seal in a steel or high strength plastic house as a vale solenoid, the on or off of solenoid was controlled by an electric signal.

Hydraulic Directional Valve Solenoid Specifications

Rated Voltage: DC= 12V; 24V / AC= 110V; 220V
Rated Magnetic Power: ≥37W
Holding Power: ≤30W
Rated Stroke: 3mm
Full Stroke: ≥6mm
Duty Cycle: 100%

Insulation Class: F
Power Consumption: ≤30W
Voltage Tolerance: +10% To -15%
Max. Operation Frequency: 12000 t/h
Protection Class: IP65
Service Life: 10×1000000

Directional Valve Solenoid Operation Curve


Directional Valve Solenoid Dimensions

Hydraulic-Operated-Directional-Valve-Solenoid-and-Coil-WE6-without-plug-dimensions Hydraulic-Operated-Directional-Valve-Solenoid-and-Coil-WE6-with-plug-dimensions