D03 Directional Control Valve Solenoid

PRODUCT TYPE: Directional Control Valve Solenoid
VALVE SIZE:  NG06/CETOP3 Valve Solenoid
CONTROL METHOD: Solenoid Control
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded Connection
Hydraulic solenoid valves division
High Pressure Solenoid Valve
– AC or DC optional
– Central wire box connection on housing top
– Solenoid for directional control valves, size6

Directional control valve solenoid is design for Cetop3 or size 6 valves. The connection line electric box is set up on the top of the valve house, where the electric line will be able to connect the coils with electric power to control the solenoid works or stops. What the solenoid works is to forward the wet pin inside the coil, to push the valve spool in its function position, the pin stops pushing and come back when the power is off.

The directional control valve solenoid are connecting with the electric box by a pin connectors, since the electric box is fixed on the top, therefore this solenoid can not be rotated by 90 degree not like individual matting connection type, but the advantage of central solenoid connection is quick coil replacement and easily maintenance.

Directional Control Valve Solenoid Specifications

Rated Voltage: DC= 12V; 24V / AC= 110V; 220V
Rated Magnetic Power: ≥37W
Holding Power: ≤30W
Rated Stroke: 3mm
Full Stroke: ≥6mm
Duty Cycle: 100%

Insulation Class: F
Power Consumption: 36W
Voltage Tolerance: +10% To -15%
Max. Operation Frequency: 12000 t/h
Protection Class: IP65
Service Life: 10×1000000

Directional Control Valve Solenoid Operation Curve


Directional Control Valve Solenoid Dimensions

High-Pressure-Solenoid-Valve-Coil-and-Solenoid-WDG6-dimensions High-Pressure-Solenoid-Valve-Coil-and-Solenoid-WDG6-dimensions