Finotek offers the hydraulic circuit in three control type of directional control application solution :
1. Hydraulic solenoid directional control: The hydraulic fluid flow direction is controlled by solenoid directional valve
2. Pilot operated, hydraulic directional control: The hydraulic fluid flow controlled by pilot operated, hydraulic directional valve
3. Manual operated, directional control: The manual operated directional valve controls the fluid flow in hydraulic system

Bridge Circuit Controlled by Solenoid Switching

1. The advantage of load holding ( Bridge circuit type) is able to control the flow rate separately between the inlet and outlet port.
2.  Combination with load sensing valve and pilot check valve, simplifies the valve block by the hydraulic valve manifold.
3. Flow valve control the speed of cylinder and motor.
4. Pressure compensator as before compensation.
5. With Max. pressure 25Mpa, Max. flow rate: 57L/min.

Pilot Directional Control – Pilot Ratio Type
1. The electro-proportional pressure reducing valve provides the pilot pressure to pilot proportional valve, so that to achieve the large flow rate controlled by proportional directional valve.
2. Pressure compensator as before compensation, so that to keep the flow rate stably and independent of load.
3. Shuttle valve obtains load pressure signal.
4. With Max. pressure 25Mpa, Max. flow rate:57L/min.

Hydraulically Directional Control – Multi-Actuator Linkage Control


1. Equipped with 4 or 5 way proportional valve, pressure compensator before valve and 3 way pressure compensator to consist of one multi-loop actuator linkage hydraulic circuit, which will ensure the better cooperation among each actuator.
2. Relief valve limits the max. pressure on load.
3. With Max. pressure 35Mpa, Max. flow rate: 1100L/min.

Manual Directional Control – Full Manual Control

1. Manually operated control two cylinder after stopping the powers.
2. Manual operation pump provides oil source.
3. Three way, two position manual directional valve switches the fluid circuit between two cylinder.
4. Two position, four way and three position, four way manually directional valve controls the movement direction of cylinder
5. With Max. pressure 24Mpa, Max. flow rate: 30L/min.

Manually Directional Control – Manual Unloading

1. In some occasions without electrical powers, the manually directional control valve helps unloading the pump pressure.
2. The relief valve limits the outlet pressure of hydraulic pump.
3. Two manual valve controls the pressure unloading of hydraulic pump with low leakage.
4. With Max. pressure 35Mpa, Max. flow rate:132L/min.

Manually Directional Control – Circuit Line Switching


1. Underground explosion-proof required, switching the direction of hydraulic fluid flow direction by the manual valve.
2. With Max. pressure 24Mpa, Max. flow rate: 30L/min.