PRODUCT TYPE: Cartridge Hand Pump
CONTROL METHOD: Hand Operation
APPLICATION Hydraulic Machines
CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded Connection
APPROXIMATE WEIGHT: 1.2kgs/2.64lbs
10-2 Cavity Tool
HP series, Cartridge Hand Pump by Finotek, powerful pumps, screw-in mounted. Top features and quality for hydraulic units and power packs.

Cartridge hand pump is a compact shape, manually powerful operation, cartridge screw in installation, generated hydraulic pressure pump. This cartridge style of hand pump is used for industrial hydraulic unit or system as pressure generation, there are 5 flow per stroke for option, the most commonly selected is 6= 6.0cc/per stroke or 8= 8.8cc/per stroke as main recommendation. The handle is designed for removable for saving space in the system.

Cartridge hand pump is cartridge style, threaded screw mounted, assembly in high strength steel manifolds or block for hydraulic unit or power packs. The cartridge hand pump it is very convenient to install at working position by screwing and fastening in standard cavity (Note: The installation screw must be standard, please consult us for customized threads.) and cartridge hand pump is easily to replace directly in the hydraulic manifold or blocks.

Cartridge hand pump designed by Finotek is generating the hydraulic pressure by pushing or pulling a steel shaft or handle, the manual shaft or called handle of the cartridge hand pump produced in high strength carbon steel as well in order to burden high power. The frame and beam of cartridge hand pump is made of casting iron by a mold, therefore a new mold cost needed for customized design.

The cartridge hand pump manufactured by Finotek is strictly testing before package, the testing method of cartridge hand pump including:

1. Pressure holding (leakage testing), which is keeping the pressure inside the pump and counted the time of pressure drops, the longer will be better.
2. Pressure generated times, the cartridge hand pump is operated by manual, the key test of manual operation is necessary. Our cartridge hand pump should be qualified when establishing the pressure by only 4-6times of pulling or pushing, 3-4times than other brand.
3. Destructive test (selective examination) for each parts, the manual part of cartridge hand pump is connected by bolt and gaskets, it must be tested with damage manner to see the service life, lot of good feedback from our customers of the performance of cartridge hand pump.
4. All of the pumps should be qualified to our specific testing time, say more than 3-10minutes depends on the different flow rate and client requirements.

Hand Pump Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “ FT-HP10 Explanation As Below:


(1) Supplier brand= FT
(2) HP= Hydraulic Cartridge Hand Pump
(3) Cavity size= 10:7/8-14UNF-2B
 (4) Displacement= Omit for 8.8cc/stroke

Hand Pump Technical Information

Main Raw Materials: High strength carbon steel or casting iron
Power: By hydraulic oil
Brand: Finotek or OEM
Max. Operation Pressure: 21Mpa
Max. Flow Rate: Please see ordering code

Connection type: Threaded, cartridge style
Oil Medium Temperature: -30 to +80(°C) for NBR O-rings
Oil Medium: Mineral oil as per DIN51 524, VDMA 24 568 or rapeseed oil, Viscosity 10 – 400 CST Recommended
Medium Filtration: ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15

Hydraulic Hand Pump Dimensions