BM6PND Hydraulic Manifold

Product Name: BM6PND Hydraulic Manifold, Parallel Circuit Normal Flow with DBDS6 Cavity Manifold
Valve Size: For D03, CETOP3 Valve, or Size 6, NG6 Valve
D03 Valve Station: 1~8 Stations Optional
Raw Materials: Aluminium 6061–T6 (3000psi); Aluminium 7075-T651(3000psi); Carbon Steel: 20# Steel(4500psi), 45# Steel (5800psi)
Relief Cavity: DBDS6 Or Custom
Fluid Circuit: Parallel Type, Normal Flow Rate
Threaded: SAE, BSPP Optional
GA Port: SAE-6, 1/4″ NPT
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BM6PND Hydraulic manifold, CETOP3, Size 6, D03 valve parallel circuit normal flow with DBDS6 cavity manifold is for CETOP03 valve installation as valve integrated hub, with many pressure chamber inside to complete various hydraulic requirement action. The relief valve hydraulic manifold is mounted with DBDS6 relief cartridge valve to keep the pressure balance in hydraulic system, there are 6 presetting pressure available for relief valve.

DBDS6 Relief valve is equipped within the hydraulic manifold for customers optional, there are six pre-setting pressure available:
315= Pressure presetting Bar(Psi):315(4600)
25= Pressure presetting Bar(Psi):25(365)
50= Pressure presetting Bar(Psi):50(725)
100= Pressure presetting Bar(Psi):100(1450)
200= Pressure presetting Bar(Psi):200(2900)
400= Pressure presetting Bar(Psi):400(5800)
Please contact us for your relief pressure in your hydraulic systems, the presetting pressure will be set to requested before delivery.

D03 Relief Valve Hydraulic Manifold For Valve Pattern:
ISO No.: 4401-03-02 series valve series mounting
Rexroth: WE series valve series mounting
Yuken: DSG series valve series mounting
Bosch: FD4 series valve mounting
Continental: V series valve mounting
Denison: A series valve mounting
Nachi: SA, SS-G01, DMA series valve mounting
Parker: D1VW series valve mounting
Vickers: (K)DG4V-3 series valve mounting

BM6PND Hydraulic Manifold,
BM6PND Hydraulic Manifold, Technical-sheet