PRODUCT TYPE:3 Ways, Rocker Break Hydraulic Valve
VALVE STYLE: Solenoid and relief valve Plus Pressure Compensated Flow Regulation
VALVE TYPE: G Type Threaded Connection
CONTROL METHOD: Hydraulic control for excavator Rock hammer
APPLICATION: All brand of hammer breaking
CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded Connection: A, B, P =G3/4″ , T=G1/4″
FT PART Code: FT-3SRV-G12 Series

3-Ways, rock breaker hydraulic valve is designed for hydraulic rock hammer breaker/excavator, which is controlled by a cartridge solenoid control valve, pressure relief valve, with pressure compensated and hydraulic flow regulation. This hydraulic rock hammer break valve is mounted on the way of rock hammer break/excavator machine, body was made of hydraulic carbon steel with standard threaded of G3/4” and G1/4”.

Technical Data Of 3-Ways, Rock Breaker Hydraulic Valve:
Connector for pipeline threaded: A, B, P =G3/4″ ; T =G1/4″
Max Flow Rate: 200ml/min.
Max. Working Pressure A, B, P Port: 350Mpa(350bar)
Max. Back Pressure T Port: 0.15Map(1.5bar)
Pressure Adjustment Increasing: 9.0Mpa(90bar)/Turn
Solenoid Voltage: 12VDC

3Ways, Rock Breaker Valve Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “ FT-3SRV-G12-3/4” Explanation As Below:

FT –3SRVG123/4*

(1) Supplier Brand = FT, By Finotek
(2) 3SRV = 3-Way Solenoid Relief Rock Breaker Hydraulic Valve
(3) G12 = Electric Voltage 12VDC (Normal) ;  G24 = Electric Voltage 24VDC ; W220 = Electric Voltage 220VAC
(4) 3/4 = Pipe connection threaded: A, B, P Port: G3/4″  ;  T Port: G1/4″

Hydraulic Hammer Rock Breaker Valve Details

3Ways, Rock Breaker Valve Symbol

Hydraulic Rock Hammer Break Valve Symbol

3Ways, Rock Breaker Valve Wok Performance

Hydraulic Rock Hammer Break Valve Performance

3Ways, Rock Breaker Valve General Dimensions

Hydraulic Rock Break Valve Dimensions