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//FC08-00 Screw-In, Cartridge Style, Needle Type, Reverse Check, Cartridge Flow Valve

FC08-00 Screw-In, Cartridge Style, Needle Type, Reverse Check, Cartridge Flow Valve

PRODUCT TYPE: FC08-00, Needle Type, Reverse Check, Cartridge Flow Adjustment Valve
APPLICATION: To Hydraulic Blocks or Manifolds
CONNECTION TYPE: Threaded, Screw-in Connection
PART NOS.: FT-FC08 Series
Valve Cavity: Below
Valve Housings:
– Adjustable flow and reverse cartridge check valve
– Cartridge style, key parts with hardened treatment
– Hand wheel or hexagon socket avaiable, valve cavity optional

FC08-00 cartridge flow valve is designed with needle type with flow reverse and flow rate adjustment and regulation. The flow control cartridge valve of FC08-00 Flow control valve series are fully orifices adjusted, to close or open fully by hand wheel or hexagon regulated operation.

Finotek high performance cartridge flow control valve offers unlimited flow from 1 port to 2 port, the flow rate is be able to be adjusted by hand wheel under high pressure, max. flow rate to 30L/min, and max. pressure up to 240bar with easy adjustment even under high working pressure in hydraulic system.

FC08-00 Hydraulic cartridge flow valvedetails

FC08-00 Cartridge Flow Valve Ordering Code

Example (Normal code): “FT-FC08-00-A-N-15 ” Explanation As Below:

FT- FC08-00 A N 15
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

(1) Supplier = By Finotek
(2) Valve Type =FC08-00, Needle Type, Flow Adjustment Cartridge Valve
(3) Adjustment:  A= 1/4 in. Hex Allen Head ; B= 1-1/2 in. Dia. Alum. Knob ; C= Option A w/ Cover Cap

(4) Seals: N= Buna (Std.) ; V= Fluorocarbon
(5) Pressing Range:  15= 3.5 ~ 150bar ;  25= 20 ~ 250bar;  35= 50 ~ 315bar 

FC08-00 Cartridge Valve Technical Information

Working Operation Pressure: 240bar(3480psi)
Max. Flow: 30L/min.
Inner Leakage: Less than 0~0.3cc/min. at 75% ~ 85% nominal setting pressure
Working Tem.:  -30oC to +120oC
Standard Spring Ranges: 0.56 Nm (5 inch-pounds) at 7 bar (100 psi); 5.41 Nm (48 inch-pounds) at 207 bar (3000 psi)

Media Temperature: -30 to +80(°C)for NBR O-rings
Body/Housing Material:
Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy for pressure of 210bar(3045psi)
Oil Medium: Mineral oil as per DIN51 524, VDMA 24 568 or rapeseed oil, Viscosity 10 – 400 CST
Recommended Medium Filtration: ISO 4406 Standard, cleanliness class:20/18/15

FC08-00 Cartridge Flow Valve Symbol


FC08-00 Cartridge Valve Flow Performance

Cartridge Flow Control Valve Operation Curve

FC08-00 Cartridge Flow Valve Dimensions & Cavity

FC08-00 Hydraulic cartridge flow valveDimensions

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